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Software, that I'm using

I always find it intriguing to discover the software choices of others, particularly when they are fellow Linux users. Here are the tools I currently rely on, though I must admit, it's a rather mundane and unremarkable list as I have transitioned to using standard vanilla applications:

Keep it simple

After 40+ years life time and 30+ years playing around with computers, I no longer wish to spend countless hours fine-tuning my setup. With age, I've come to value the "just work, thanks" approach. I also aim to avoid creating complicated and exotic configurations. Nowadays, my main objective is to be able to reset my fanless ARM machine in a matter of minutes and start fresh with a new vanilla OS installation, free from any attachments or sentimental feelings towards the previous setup.

Low-tech approach

I strive to keep my files in simple text format (with sensitive content appropriately encrypted), while other materials typically consist of images and documents. I also make a conscious effort to create and save as little as possible on my main machine, relying on multiple USB sticks for external storage whenever necessary. Over my 20 years of accumulating saved content, I've come to the realization that much of it holds little value. In truth, the amount of truly essential material is quite small. One doesn't need hundreds of photos capturing every moment of the morning sun, their cat, or themselves. Nor do they require an excessive number of saved links to mediocre websites or numerous drafts and versions of a brief letter.

Fuck syncing, no time for that

Furthermore, I have abandoned the practice of syncing data between different computers and my smartphone. It used to be a cumbersome task to synchronize passwords, bookmarks, or contacts across devices, leading me to rely on a haphazard combination of apps and tools with all of their dependecies. Eventually, I decided that I simply didn't need it. I now store only vital passwords on my smartphone, managing them manually, and I keep my contact list lean. As for bookmarks, I have eliminated excessive amounts entirely.

Keep it simple, stupid!

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Last update: 21.05.2023