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Filofax and Old Websites


Saying Goodbye to the Past

Today, I made the decision to cancel my contracts for four old websites and domains that I had for many, many years. These websites were once the foundation of great projects and experiences in my youth, helped me to growth and increase knowledge over the last few decades. They held significant importance in my life.

However, times have changed. The world wide web has transformed into a strange, commercial, and social network-based platform, where project sites and personal websites have lost their impact. My focus has also shifted. I no longer have an interest in keeping these old domains alive, paying yearly fees for something that holds no future prospects. So, after contemplating for a few minutes and staring at the entries, I clicked the delete button in my server administration interface, and now they are offline.

I'm certain that they will quickly be registered again for some mediocre ad or commercial websites or whatever purpose. It's saddening to see them go, but with each passing year, I've come to understand what truly matters. These websites no longer have a role to play in my future.

Hello Filofax!

If you're old enough, you might recall the old movie "Filofax" (titled "Taking Care of Business" in English), released in 1990. It was a comedy that told the story of a thief who used the analog organizer of a wealthy individual to assume his identity, resulting in various "interesting" adventures. You can watch the old trailer for the movie here: Youtube.

During my childhood, the movie was one of many simple, funny and harmless films. However, the German name somehow got stuck in my head since then. Finally, as I gradually transition to using analog notes in my daily life, I recently ordered a Filofax organizer (Size: Personal ~A5) a few days ago.

And what should I say? I'm really enjoying it. I've already filled it with appointments, birthdays, contacts, and other information. I've even added some blank index cards for my analog Zettelkasten, which I started last year and is still growing. This allows me to jot down ideas and thoughts on the go. Interestingly, I've found that after this short period, I already have a much better overview of the content compared to using my smartphone & notebook over the past months and years. I also prefer a ring binder, because I can change and swap each note, insert new sheets or replace or get rid of specific ones, instead of paper notebooks, where you don't have this flexibility. As pen I'm using a Schneider Breeze (this here) with two refillable ink cartridges - feels great.

From now on, I plan to use my Filofax for everything and keep it as my personal assistant in my bag. Of course, there is always the risk of losing the ring binder and its contents. However, the same applies to smartphones, keys, and other possessions. I've added my address and name on the front page, so in reality, if someone finds it, there's a good chance they will send a notification or dispose of it because what use would they have for it? Transcribing my handwritten appointments and names into digital format? And then? Take over my tiny, simple life? Besides, I will sometimes take photo snapshots of important information with my smartphone as a digital backup.

Using a Filofax feels much better from my personal perspective today. It doesn't require a battery, it's always on, and I don't have to worry about recharging, installing updates, software failures, or managing accounts and apps. This aspect holds importance for me today as I continue to simplify my lifestyle and reduce technological and online dependencies wherever possible.

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Last update: 24.06.2023